WBS Innovation was created in 2008 by the owner who, thanks to his professional experiences and to the competencies developed during many years of cooperation with medium and large size companies, intends to meet the information technology needs of private companies and local government.

In the chosen market field mainly represented by large size pharmaceutical companies and by activities such as the implementation of management systems aiming at quality, data and information and the support to the automation of business processes, WBS INNOVATION S.R.L. want to present itself for its competencies, the quality of the proposed services, and for price competitiveness.

Our aims are to provide consultancy services, take care of the planning activities, provide support, implement complete solutions and provide optimization services required to confront any change, stay competitive and avoid entrepreneurial risks.

WBS Innovation is specialized in consultancy services and in the planning and development of applications or turnkey web-based solutions for the optimization and automation of business processes.

Based on the analysis of processes, WBS proposes user-friendly and effective solutions aimed at the simplification of human resources activities and at the optimization of the business activity, improving in this way efficiency and productivity.


Fulfil any need of private companies and local government in the field of Information Technology and as relates the optimization of business processes starting from an accurate analysis of the specific needs of each single customer, with the aim of enhancing the quality of services in order to innovate, improve, increase competitiveness and create added value.


To bet on the resources of companies and on the competencies, enthusiasm and positiveness of the collaborators in order to produce a reciprocal growth and improvement.

WBS INNOVATION S.R.L. work approach:

  1. Reduction of fixed costs through cautious choices and gradualness of organization expenses.
  2. Selection of reliable and expert collaborators.
  3. Provision of services tailored on specific needs and necessities through an attentive presence of our consultants in your company and a constant service of customer care.
  4. Conclusion of agreements with associations of companies, authorities and institutions so as to carry out research projects in order to offer our services at more convenient conditions.
  5. Creation of reporting and control systems for the monitoring of services effectiveness.
  6. Fixed prices linked to objectives formalized in contracts.
  7. Accurate selection of internal resources, commercial agents and external consultants based on competencies, experience in this field and motivation.
  8. Internal resources continuous training.

Through this approach and considering the local competition offering less and less specialized and more and more cheap consultancy services, WBS INNOVATION S.R.L. proposes a highly specialized service tailored on the needs of each single customer. The reliability and competences of our partners and collaborators represent the effective evidence of the added value that WBS intends to offer to its customers.

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